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The Pillar of Development: Youth and Women Empowerment  

Youth and women are two integral parts of society. The development of youth and women is directly proportional to each other. An empowered woman has the ability to change the future generation by teaching many life lessons and advancing thought processes. An empowered youth has the ability to change the ongoing pattern of society to provide a better life for women.

Empowering women will change the present scenario of society, whereas empowering youth will change the future of society. It is said that an educated and aware woman has the ability to educate the whole society, and a child has the ability to change the fate of women by changing the thinking pattern of societies. Many youth and women’s empowerment groups are working day and night to improve the condition of youth and women in their society. They provide many basic needs to financially backward and war-affected families.

Thrive Armenia Foundation is helping the Artsakh war-affected families by organizing many children and family support programs. They aim to fulfill the basic requirement of women and children to take care of their basic health, hygiene, and food requirements. Many certified courses and awareness programs are also getting arranged by many organizations to teach the future generation about their responsibility and role and also to teach women their worth and need for development.

Impact of Youth empowerment on society –

Youth empowerment is utilizing the creativity, energy, and powerful thinking of the young generation to change the community and world overall. Many arranged programs by popular organizations aware the youth about their responsibility towards society, the ability they hold, and many ways to implement change in society. The old generation has a certain belief towards many societal standards and culture, which is suppressing the growth of society, and the control of the previous generation over societies is not letting the women of society explore more. Today’s youth has the ability to change the belief of the old and stop many unnecessary ongoing insane practices. The broad thought process and rebellious nature of youth have the ability to develop the whole community.

Impact of women’s empowerment on society –

Women are the backbone of every society. Various studies proved that the mind of women is more active and creative according to men. But the fewer available opportunity and many restrictions on women is decreasing the rate of development in the women’s sector. Before changing society’s thought process, it is necessary to change the thinking of women first. Many empowerment programs make people aware of women about their worth and hidden talent in them. They try to develop the self-esteem and professionalism of women to help them get out of their situation for good. The demand of these programs is to avail equal equity, civil engagement, and democracy to women as it is available to men. The little change in women’s condition will increase the standard of the community from the economic level to the political level.