Thrive Armenia Foundation

Our Story

Thrive Armenia Foundation:

  Thrive Armenia foundation (TAF) was initiated by ANNA DOGRAMAJYAN BRUNO in December of 2020, after the 44- day Artsakh war, which shocked all the Armenians all over the world and the entire humanitarian society. 

From the very first days of the Artsakh war, various foundations, charitable programs were established and all kinds of humanitarian aid arrived to Armenia and Artsakh from different corners of the world. Some of those were short-term spontaneous initiatives while the others were long-term, carefully thought and sustainable programs aimed at revival and development of Armenia and Artsakh. 

Anna Bruno and her husband doctor Michael Loshigian also joined this mission. Even though Anna was involved in the local community in NY by raising funds for humanitarian aid, medical and other supplies for soldiers in the frontline and the displaced people, refugees from Artsakh, she was consumed by emotions and feelings of helplessness for Armenia. 

That is when she decided to do something constructive about it. The initiative of creating Thrive Armenia Foundation became a reality with the financial support and investments of Anna Bruno and her husband doctor Michael Loshigian. 

It was officially registered in February of 2021. 

The name of the foundation “THRIVE ARMENIA” (in Armenian “Tsaghkir Hayastan” reflects an ideology and message of the THRIVING PROCESS. 


Our Vision

Empowering Ethnic Minorities, Youth Development, Veterans & Women Development

Our Mission

Thrive Armenia Foundation champions and supports the worldwide Armenian diaspora through education, cultural outreach, and economic empowerment to create a new generation of career professionals.