Thrive Armenia Foundation

Building a Prosperous and Strong Nation

Thrive Armenia Foundation(TAF) is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to help Armenia and Armenians around the world prosper into a new generation of well educated, world class professionals that can compete in a global marketplace. TAF champions and supports the worldwide Armenian diaspora through education, cultural outreach, and economic empowerment to create a new generation of career professionals.

100% of your donations will be going directly to our programs to help Armenia rise again.


Free Online School for soldiers, children, young professional who are affected by the war in Artsakh.

Empowering Women

People who are affected by the war in Artsakh. They are taught different skills.

Charity Programs

Giving financial assistance for the affected family in Artsakh like Utilities, Heat Cost, Food and etc.)

Soldier Solutions

Helping the soldiers who are affected by the war gives them another chance to be employed again.