Thrive Armenia Foundation

From October 2021, this group of beautiful, strong, and powerful women was formed in our office, when “From Heroes to Heroes” charity program was launched. The work with Hadrut women was so pleasant and effective that the program grew into social entrepreneurship. On that difficult way, there appeared organizations that believed us and provided funds to implement the carpet weaving courses. One of those organizations is “People in Need” Czech charity NGO, to which we express our deep gratitude.

Today we have a pleasant meeting in our warm office. We hosted Syune Harutyunyan, a professions training consultant, having Artsakh zhangyalov hats around the table. This day is also highlighted by the fact that, for the first time, the CEO and founder Anna Doghramajyan Bruno met face to face with the women from Hadrut.

Having funded Hadrut women from New York City, Anna Bruno is in Yerevan today and is working with great efforts to develop our projects.

Thrive Armenia Foundation- move with difficult, but steady steps.