Thrive Armenia Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I (as an individual) or my organization partner with TAF/GSA?

We welcome partnerships with other organizations as well as individuals where we can cooperate on different projects or tasks to accomplish common goals. Are you interested in partnering up with us, please send a request to or fill out this form.

Is it possible to volunteer at TAF or GSA?

Yes, All volunteers get our education courses free of charge. We love to have like-minded people like you in our growing team! Please go to the following link to fill out the volunteer form

Can TAF help me and my family to overcome our social and financial difficulties?

Currently, TAF is helping families and individuals by providing them with employable skills. TAF and GSA also help our students to secure internships, externships as well as employment opportunities. For more information please go to 

How long does it typically take for donations to be processed?

All supply donations take about 2-3 months to reach Armenia and Artsakh. To donate go to this link

What about cash donations?

Cash donations will be used for the foundation’s programs to help our fellow Armenians. Cash donations are processed within a few days.