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Visiting Armenian Communities

A Visit to Vienna, Austria
Thrive Armenia Foundation team members were in Vienna, Austria, in May 2022. They met with the Armenian Community members in Vienna and discussed further joint programs. The meeting aimed to create a strong PanArmenian network. And of course, TAF members have a little time to see Vienna. Meeting with the members of the Armenian community in Vienna was very productive. Special thanks to the member of the Board of the Armenian Apostolic Church Community of Austria, Head of the Culture and Education Committee Mrs. NONA KTIKYAN.
Here is how it started.👇
We have planned to start our cultural visit from France, but since we have decided to take all the possible opportunities to meet our compatriots living in different countries and strengthen our cooperation with them, we bought the plane tickets so that we could visit and have several stops, first in Barcelona, then in Vienna, before arriving in France.
Without thinking long about the tiring flights, we were happy because we were going to see two more beautiful, cultural cities, and most importantly, it was a good opportunity to meet with the local Armenian communities and have discussions about our new plans. As they say, to combine the pleasant with the useful. Anyway, after the first flight, we landed in Vienna, the magnificent capital of Austria, where we were to meet with the heads of the Armenian community. We were just a day there and would like to spend it productively. We had a phone conversation beforehand with Nona Ktikyan, a member of the board of the Armenian Apostolic Church Community of Austria, and head of the cultural and educational committee, and decided to have a meeting remotely. However, it is one thing to make an agreement, and another thing is to implement it. We were worried that the meeting would not take place because it was already late, and the working day had already ended. Maybe it was possible that Nona Ktikyan was enjoying her rest in the evening. But to our surprise, Mrs. Nona responded very quickly and we met near the Vienna State Opera House. From the very first moment, we felt the seriousness of the meeting and the realism of cooperation. We couldn’t visit the office because it was late and on the street, without any hesitation, we found a “round” table around which we had our “negotiations” and showed the carpets made by Hadrut women, Artsakh. Mrs. Nona, as a professional worker, took out her notebook and a pen, and very practically wrote our proposals. After that we took a short tour of Vienna, and said goodbye to each other, having become very familiar. Hardly ever we managed to return to Armenia, Nona Ktikyan called us and said that they would like to invite us to Vienna to present Armenian culture and songwriting in the fall.
Only education and culture can strengthen our motherland and only devotees like Nona Ktikyan can strengthen the Armenia-Diaspora connection.

A Visit to Marseille, France/Part 1/

Armenian dollmaking workshops for the young people of JAF, and Sahak Mesrop cultural center, Marseille by Srbuhi Movsisyan.
The next stop for the Thrive Armenia foundation members was in Marseille, France. Here, besides the future programs that were discussed with the Armenian Community members, our doll maker, master Srbuhi Movsisyan had a workshop. She showed the children how to make dolls, and told them about Armenian ceremonial dolls and Armenian ceremonies.

A visit to Narbonne, France/ Part 2/

Within the ”Intercultural Exchange” Program Thrive Armenia foundation team members met Alexandra Sitch from France, for further program discussions and cultural exchange.

 We had a cultural visit to the south of France at Alexandra’s invitation. Before that visit, we contacted Alexandra online; she had been to Armenia, and loved our country and culture. From the very first meeting in Narbonne, France, we felt Alexandra’s warmth and hospitality, discovered all the charm and beauty of Provence, got to know a real Frenchman, who was simple and sincere, made wonderful friends, and presented Armenian culture. We were extremely flattered when the foreigners greatly valued our culture and who very quickly became close friends with us. It is not said in vain, that if you want to know the real France, you need to leave the big cities and visit small towns and villages. Thank you a lot, Alexandra Sitch for the 6 incredible days we spent in Provance, for representing Armenian culture there, for introducing us to nice people, for representing French culture and nature, and for everything. Our next meeting will be in Armenia. And special thanks to Christine Voskerchyan, the head of Yerevan office of Thrive Arminia Foundation, for organizing this unforgettable visit.

A visit to Marseille, France/ Part 3/

Thrive Armenia Foundation team members were hosted by Komitas Vardapet Hovnanyan when they were in Marseille, in 2021. The President and Founder Anna Bruno, Head of TAF Yerevan office Kristine Voskerchyan, etc. told about the foundation, its vision, mission, and about what had been done so far. This group of women was telling about the support to refugees, soldiers of the 44-day Artsakh War, those in distress, and people in need. More in the video.